Sunday, 16 October 2011

Study Skills With Kurzweil

Study Guide

Step 1:  Open the document you need to study.
Step 2:  Double click on the green icon (brick) to open the study skills toolbar.

  • Choose your preferred color highlighter from the study skills toolbar.
  • While reading/listening, highlight important text (you can also have the highlighted text read back to you).
  • You can go back and erase any of the terms you highlighted by clicking th erase button in  the study skills toolbar and dragging the cursor over the highlighted text.
  • When finished reading the document, you can extract the highlighted text into a separate document to review main points/terms (this feature can be found under File, then Extract).

Sticky and text notes

  • Click the sticky note or text note button in the study skills toolbar (the text note gives a transparent box so you can see text underneath). 
  • Place the curser where you want the sticky note to be located.
  • Click inside to have the note read to you.

  • Similar process to sticky notes, except the footnote appears at the bottom of the page and underlines your word in the text.

Voice notes
  • Students can also click the cursor where they would like to create a voice note.
  • Click the voice note icon from the study skills toolbar and a box (shown below) will appear. 
  • Record the voice note by clicking the record icon and hear what you recorded by clicking the play icon.
  • The place where the voice note is located leaves a voice icon and can be clicked to hear the voice note.


Column notes
  • Click the column note button on the study skills toolbar to create column notes about the text.
  • Columns appear below the text with sections for main ideas, supporting ideas and other. 
  • Highlight and drag and drop the text into the appropriate sections.

Bubble notes
  • Under tools on the main toolbar, place the cursor over note and find bubble note.
  • Place the cursor on the spot in the text where you would like to place a bubble note.
  • A textbox opens which allows you to type a heading and note/question.
  • Select how/when you would like the note/question read.

Extract annotations
  • On the main toolbar click on File, and go down to Extract.
  • Click on the type of extraction you would like to do and the text you chose appears in a new/existing document.

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